UN Committee requests Thailand to urgently halt evictions of Karen indigenous people from Kaeng Krachan National Park


    3 October 2016

    The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has requested that Thailand urgently halt the eviction of the Karen indigenous people from the Kaeng Krachan National Park and take steps to prevent any irreparable harm to the livelihood of Karen as well as to ensure that they enjoy their rights including by effectively implementing the relevant provisions of the Constitution. The Committee considered the situation of the Karen in the Park brought to its attention by a non-governmental organization in its 90th session under its early warning and urgent action procedure.

    The Committee also reminded about its earlier concerns on the allegations of forced evictions of the Karen from the same area in its March 2012 letter to Thailand. The Committee has requested Thailand to submit information on the issues and concerns in its letter by 14 November 2016 as well as on any action already taken to address those concerns. Information has been requested including on steps taken to cease threats, intimidations, harassment against the Karen, investigate allegations of excessive use of force and provide reparation to Karen for any loss, measures taken to ensure the free, prior and informed consent of Karen or genuine consultation in decisions affecting them and steps taken to reconsider the nomination of the Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex site from the World Heritage’s list until an agreement is found with the Karen.

    Click here to read the full letter from the CERD and here for the March 2012 letter. Request for consideration sent to the CERD is available at the link here.