Timor Leste: Community Affected by Suai Airport Seeks Indemnification, Cries Injustice


    The Sixth Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste committed an injustice against the communities affected by the construction of the SuaiAirport. Residents of the affected communities said their original houseshad four to five rooms, but the ones built and handed over to them by the government have only three rooms which are of no value.

    According to Adrinanodo Nascimento,PD (Democratic Party) member and vice president of the National Parliament, the construction of Suai Airport affected communities especially in Lohorai, a sub-village in Matai Village, Suai sub-district. The government created a huge confusion among the community members.

    “Before, the government promised the affected communities with permanent houses with four or five rooms, but now, the government is building and giving backhouses with three rooms only. To me,the government committed injustice to the communities. We asked them to leave their properties (house) on behalf of development but we give back a house with three rooms. The government is insensible,” said Adriano in the Plenary Session on Tuesday, Feb. 16,2016 at the National Parliament.

    He asked the Secretary of State who represents the government in the National Parliament to pay attention to the issue because the government built houses with three rooms only which replaced some big houses formerly built by the owners.

    At the same time, Jacinta Pereira,amember of the National Parliament stated that the government should build the same, former size of the houses in the community so that the residents will feel they are part of development and enjoy the freedom as an independent country. She further argued that “we, as leaders exist because of them and for them.” Complete information at STL Journal and STL Web, Edition Wednesday (17/1/2016). TimotioGusmao

    Unofficial Translation (Ergilio Ferreira Vicente)

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