Roads in Tribal Areas Cry for Attention


    PALAKKAD: Nearly two hundred adivasi families living at Murigala, Palappada, Kenattukara, Melethuduki and Galasi of Attappadi adivasi hamlets have come out strongly against authorities as they have turned a blind eye to the issue of road repair.

    This move was after the Minister for the welfare of Backward Communities P K Jayalakshmi sanctioned ` 11 crore for the renovation of the eight-kilometre-long Chindaki-Anavayi Road on Saturday. This road is part of the 25-kilometre Chindaki- Galasi road.

    The sanctioned money is for repairing the eight-kilometre stretch of Chindaki-Anavayi road but the remaining 17-kilometre stretch is not good for commutation. The people here expected sanctioning of funds for the development of the entire stretch of Chindaki-Galasi road, but that did not happen.Due to lack of connectivity, people living here are cut off and isolated from the rest of the world. “We need to walk about 25- kilometres to reach Mukali to catch a bus to our school.

    Lack of proper roads is the key reason why Attappadi areas still lag behind other places in terms of development,” said Arunima, a student. She also said that one cannot be conveyed to any hospital in an emergency due to the terrible conditions of the roads here.The road which starts from Chindaki leads to nine adivasi villages in the deep forest of Attappadi hamlets and ends at Galasi after passing Kadukumanna, Anavayi, Thadikundu, Thazhethuduki, Murigala, Palappada, Kenattukara and Melethuduki. The eight-kilometre stretch connects Chindaki, Thadikundu, Kadukumanna, Thazhethuduki and Anavayi and the remaining nine kilometres connects the remaining villages. The renovation works of this road will be a huge relief to the people living in these villages. But the sufferings of the people living at Murigala, Palappada, Kenattukara, Melethuduki and Galasi have gone uncared by the Minister.

    The tribal promoter of the area Chandran said that forest clearance has been obtained for the construction of Anavayi-Galasi road but nothing has been done so far. “It’s good that funds have been sanctioned for repairing the Chindaki-Anavayi road. The renovation of this road will be beneficial for the people living in the entire ten villages too. How can people living in Murigala, Palappada, Kenattukara, Melethuduki and Galasi come till Anavayi in emergencies? The government should have considered developing the Anavayi-Galasi road too, for the welfare of tribal people here,” said Chandran.

    He also said that a team of government officials has conducted a survey to assess the feasibility of the road here and after the survey, the Forest Department had given the thumbs up, but nothing has been done so far,” added Chandran.

    When contacted the Minister she said, “This stretch of the road was under consideration for a long period and we will consider the feasibility of the remaining stretch of the road too.”

    Source: The New Indian Express