Response to World Bank: Letter

19 September 2012
Dr. Jim Yong Kim
World Bank Group
Washington DC Dear Dr. Kim,
We appreciate your response to our letter last June 24, 2012. We welcome your positive response to our recommendations particularly on the recruitment of a senior-level staff as a dedicated Focal Point for Indigenous Issues and the establishment of an independent Indigenous Peoples Advisory Council.

With regards to the review of the Indigenous Peoples Policy, we would again like to refer to our recommendations to the said policy in a letter we sent to Mr. Joachim von Amsberg last October 17, 2011 which are as follows:

The Indigenous Peoples Policy should be maintained as a standalone policy with the incorporation of the following elements:
  1. The right to Free Prior Informed Consen(FPIC) in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) along with the recognition and respect of the rights of indigenous peoples.
  2. Recognition of pastoralism as a livelihood and a lifestyle in the Indigenous Peoples Policy.
  3. The recognition and respect of the rights of Indigenous Peoples in voluntary isolation. In particular, no project shall take place in their territories.
  4. The effective and immediate solution of the gaps and shortcomings of the implementation of OP4.0 based on the IP Policy Learning review. These gaps and shortcomings include the following problems:
  1. Systemic failure to prepare indigenous peoplesappropriate planning documents;
  2. Widesprea failur to appropriatel disclos plannin document t impacted indigenous peoples;
  3. Lack of documentatio related to the required broad communit suppor (and therefore inability to confirm its existence);
  4. Consistent inability to address land and resource rights appropriately in projects where such rights are relevant;
  5. Widespread failure to establish local or national level complaints mechanisms; and
  6. Failure to establish the required benefitsharing agreements for projects where lands or cultural resources are commercially developed.
A transparent consultation mechanism with indigenous peoples at the global, regional and national levels should be established for the review of the OP/BP 4.10.

Attached herewith is the more detailed recommendations of indigenous peoples to the Banks Operational Policy on Indigenous Peoples for youconsideration. Additional endorsement by indigenous organizations and institutions especially amongst Spanish and French speakers shall be sent to you later.

We look forward to your positive response to our recommendations.

Joan Carling, Secretary General
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)

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