Reports: Communication to the Commission on the Status of Women On Indigenous Women of Bangladesh

The  Kapaeeng Foundation  in association  with Asia Indigenous  Peoples Pact  (AIPP)  and Bangladesh  Indigenous   Women  Network   has   been   working  to  promote  and   protect human rights  of indigenous peoples, coordinating and  organizing  campaigns on issues affecting the Indigenous  Peoples in Bangladesh.  These  organisations  have documented several cases  of the attack, murder, rape and  violence against indigenous women in Bangladesh which have got increased at an  alarming rate in recent years. The documentation of the cases  had  been   done by  the Human Rights  Defenders Network. The  information provided was  crosschecked by  Kapaeeng Foundation  itself and  deemed reliable and  factual.
This report is a  response to the call for communication  from the Commission  on the Status  of Women (CSW)  in relations to the violations of human rights that affect the status of women and this particular  report  is focused on  the human rights  violations against indigenous women in Bangladesh.
It  is hoped that this report will assist  the Commission in identifying  the patterns  of discriminatory practices specifically against indigenous women of Bangladesh and  in developing policies to address such  discrimination.

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