Philippines: Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact stands together with indigenous peoples in the Philippines in defense of their human rights


    Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)
    Solidarity Message

    AIPP would like to extend its solidarity to the members and delegates of the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance (CHRA) on the occasion of its 5th General Assembly organized under the theme “With Fervor and Courage, Fight Against State Terrorism!”

    AIPP is deeply concerned over the worsening human rights situation in the Philippines, in particular the continuous killings and harassment of indigenous rights activists and advocates, and increasing displacement of indigenous communities allegedly by both paramilitary forces and troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. However, amidst this grave situation and mountain of challenges, it is encouraging to see the continued selfless dedication of indigenous leaders, activists and advocates all across the Philippines in advancing and advocating for a just and peaceful society. The sustained advocacy in the Cordillera region and the Philippines as a whole against development aggression, militarization, and the struggle to ensure indigenous peoples’ rights to their lands, territories and resources has been exemplary for pursuance of social justice not only for fellow indigenous peoples in the country but also indigenous peoples around the world, who are also experiencing social, political, economic and cultural injustices in their own countries.

    AIPP draws inspiration from the courage, dedication, unity and leadership of all indigenous leaders and activists in the advancement of human rights in general and the rights of indigenous peoples in particular. AIPP firmly believes in the unity of indigenous peoples and solidarity with the wider society not only within the country but also regionally and globally. Without unity, our goal to achieve justice, equality and peace will be difficult, if not impossible.

    AIPP pledges to continue its support to and cooperation with human rights advocates and defenders who are actively engaged in protecting and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples in the Philippines and around the globe.

    On this auspicious occasion of the 5th General Assembly, AIPP once again extends its best wishes and solidarity to everyone in CHRA. Let us not waver in our pursuit of justice and peace.

    Ms. Joan Carling
    Secretary General
    20 September 2015