Philippines: 2 Banwaon activists shot dead in Agusan Sur


    Two active members of the Tagdumahan indigenous peoples’ organization were shot dead on August 12, 2016 in the municipality of San Luis, Agusan del Sur.

    At around seven in the evening, in Barangay Balit, Jerry ‘Dandan’ Layola, 42 years old, went to answer a knock on his door. Upon opening it, he was immediately shot three times in the chest by an unidentified man who then left on a motorcycle.

    On the same evening, roughly some minutes after Layola was killed, Jimmy Mapinsahan Barosa, a resident of Barangay Kasilayan, was also shot by an unidentified man. Barosa, 48 years old, was at a house in Barangay Baylo, intending to bring his wife to a hospital the following day, as she needed blood transfusion. He had just finished dinner and had come out to talk with some of his friends outside. The man, who had a bonnet over his entire head, shot him right through his back and left on a motorcycle. Barosa died on the spot.

    Renel Manpinsahan, 19 years old, who was sitting with Jimmy, sustained a wound across his forehead, which fortunately was not fatal.

    The Tagdumahan is an organization of the Banwaon people in San Luis, Agusan del Sur. The leaders and members of the organization had been targeted by the paramilitary group previously headed by the now deceased Mario Napongahan. Tagdumahan is active in campaigns to protect the ancestral lands of the Banwaon from logging and mining. They had also protested against the military operations conducting the Community Organizing for Peace and Development (COPD) and the forced recruitment of the Banwaon as ‘peace volunteers’.

    In 2014, Banwaon leader and Balit Barangay Captain Necasio Precioso was killed by members of the paramilitary group on his way to a municipality gathering. Precioso had been accused by the military of supporting the rebel group, New People’s Army. Until now, his killers have not been brought to justice.

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