Nepal: NHRC urges govt to implement ILO Convention 169 National Action Plan


    Aug 8, 2016- National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has drawn the government attention to approve and implement the draft of ILO Convention 169 national action plan. Nepal had endorsed the ILO 169 Convention on September 14, 2007.

    In a statement on Monday, the NHRC said the protection of indigenous people’s rights have not become effective because of the government’s failure to approve the action plan even after a decade has passed after the endorsement of the convention.

    The constitutional rights body had drawn the government’s attention to amend laws of the country according to ILO 169 and ensure the rights of indigenous people.

    The NHRC organised a discussion programme titled ‘Draft of ILO Convention 169 Implementation National Action Plan’ at the commission’s central office in the Capital marking the occasion of 22nd International Day of Indigenous People.

    At the programme, NHRC commissioner Mohna Ansari said NHRC has been holding a debate on the issues of indigenous people and the programme was organised with the objective to evaluate how the domestic laws reflect the government’s commitments on human rights issues.

    On the occasion, NHRC Chairman Anup Raj Sharma said it is sad that the draft action plan has been shelved after it reached the Cabinet though some aspects of it have been implemented. He further said that the commission is clear about the rights of people from all castes, languages, religions and cultures and all concerned stakeholders should lend support towards that end.

    Source: The Kathmandupost