Nepal: NEFIN calls fringe parties meet to find common view

    REPUBLICAKATHMANDU, Dec 15: In a bid to form an alliance and come up with common view on resolving the current political and constitutional crisis, Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), the umbrella organization of indigenous peoples, has called a meeting of 13 fringe political parties on Monday in the capital. 
    “The meeting will hold discussions on how to move forward and to work together for our common cause in the future,” said Chairman of NEFIN Rajkumar Lekhi, adding, “We will hold discussion about all options for working together.”  He said if they could not forge consensus on forming a unified party, they would either form an alliance or working together in the runup to the next election. Lekhi stated that promulgation of new constitution from beyond of Constituent Assembly (CA) would not be acceptable to them under any circumstance. “So, we are also going to hold discussion in this regard,” he added. Accusing major three political parties-UCNP (Maoist), Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-UML-of trying to impose syndicate in national politics, he maintained that they must be taken into confidence while forging consensus on resolving the present crisis.  “Even the president has been calling on only major three parties to come up with a prime ministerial candidate through consensus,” Lekhi state, adding, “How can it be a national consensus only among major three parties?”

    According to Lekhi, CPN (Ekikrit), Rastriya Janamukti Party, Tharuhat Tarai Party, Janamukti Party Nepal, Nepal Rastriya Party among other have been invited to the meeting. NEFIN has been holding various programs to exert pressure on major three political parties to form national consensus government comprising all parties and to arrive at consensus on disputed issues of the new constitution by endorsing all consensuses reached among parties in the erstwhile CA. It had handed over a four-point memorandum to major three parties and staged sit in program on Friday.