Nepal: Discrimination in Promotion Within Nepal Police Communicated to the United Nation


    Indigenous peoples’, human rights and women´s rights organizations have submitted an urgent communication to UN mechanisms calling for attention on gender-based and racial discrimination against Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Parvati Thapa Magar for promotion within Nepal Police.

    Thirteen organizations, including Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, National Indigenous Women´s Federation, Lawyers´ Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples and Beyond Beijing Committee, among others sent the communication on Wednesday to UN Special Rapporteurs on the rights of indigenous peoples and Violence against Women.

    According to the communication, though DIG Thapa Magar deserved promotion to the post of AIG on the basis of seniority, professional efficiency/performance and academic and other qualifications as per Police Regulation (2049 BS), the Government of Nepal on 31 October decided to promote DIG Upendra Kanta Aryal, junior to DIG Thapa Magar, to the post. In response to a writ petition filed by DIG Thapa Magar against the decision, Nepal´s Supreme Court on 10 November has directed the Government to furnish a clear reason behind the promotion of DIG Aryal to AIG in a written clarification within 15 days. While the petition was sub-judice, the Government on 11 November decided to appoint Aryal as Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) and to take charge of Nepal Police from 16 November. The decision came as outgoing IGP Kuber Singh Rana retiring on November 15 had gone on mandatory leave before retirement.

    The organizations have informed that DIG Thapa Magar has been denied promotion because the Government of Nepal doubts her ability to hold such senior position of AIG and eventually head Nepal Police because of her gender inter alia her indigenous background. This has violated her rights provided in the Police Regulation as well as her fundamental rights as guaranteed in Nepal’s Interim Constitution. Further, they conclude that the act contravenes her rights as per a range of international instruments applicable to Nepal, including International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, International Labour Organization Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention (ILO C169), International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and International Convention on the Elimination of all form of Racial Discrimination.

    Stating that the case only represents the deeply entrenched gender-based discrimination and discrimination against indigenous persons in Nepal’s security forces as well as overall state structure, they have urged the Special Rapporteurs to recommend the Government of Nepal and its concerned agencies to annul its decision to promote DIG Aryal to the post of AIG and rightfully promote DIG Thapa Magar to the post as per existing laws and take special initiatives to tackle gender and racial inequality existing in Nepal, among other actions.

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