Nepal: ADB co-financed Tanahu Hydropower Project affected communities reject compensation


    *Please note this is an unofficial translation

    To editors of all media agencies
    10 February 2017

    Press release

    The reports in local newspapers published on 10 February 2017 that Tanahu Hydropower Project have taken forward the process of distribution of compensation to the residents of reservoir area have drawn serious attention of the concerned people of the inundation area. The compensation has been determined in a one-sided and arbitrary manner without informing and obtaining consent of the affected people or their participation despite the preliminary discussions on the issue. The bodies of affected people – Tanahu Hydropower Directly Affected Area Concerned Committee & Directly Concerned Inundation Area Conservation Committee – jointly condemn the decision in strongest terms and express our disagreement on it.

    We would like to draw the attention of the concerned agencies that the affected people do not agree with the compensation determined in any way and call on to consider the following points when determining compensation:

    1. We have the natural right to determine the value of our lands ourselves. However, the compensation determined without our consent is undemocratic, so the compensation should be determined with our consent.
    2. The compensation should be determined on the basis of not only the traditional thinking but also the scientific analysis of the use of the lands
    3. Discrimination in compensation fixation
      Among the affected areas under the Tanahu Hydropower Project, the residents of Jhaputar were provided compensation at the rate of minimum NPR 100,000 to NPR 300,000 per anna (31.80 m²). However, as per the news reports, we learnt of the decision that the residents within the reservoir under the same project would be compensated at the rate of NPR 200,000 to 800,000 per ropani (508.72 m²). Such discriminatory decision should be annulled and compensation should be distributed as per the 26-point memorandum of the affected people
    4. About rejecting the compensation
      We notify that we will not accept the compensation determined currently until the 26-point demands are addressed.
    5. We notify that we will even submit a complaint to the Asian Development Bank regarding the discriminatory decision of the Project.
    6. We notify that we will undertake strong protests if the 26-point demands are not addressed and will publish the protest programmes in near future

    Directly Concerned Inundation Area Conservation Committee

    Tanahu Hydropower Directly Affected Area Concerned Committee

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    Source: Community Empowerment & Social Justice Foundation