Naga Hoho condemns ‘racial attacks’


    DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 19 (MExN): The Naga Hoho today expressed concern at the “repeated racial attack meted out” to people from the North East and condemned the October 15 assault on two youths from Nagaland in Gurgaon.

    A press note from the Naga Hoho stated that “according to the NE students and BPO professionals residing at the said location and adjoining colony/villages, the locals are well aware of their collective preparations as and how to hunt and chase out the NE communities from residing within their areas…” This, it stated “displays the lackadaisical attempt of the government as well as law enforcing agencies to embrace us….”

    The incident, it alleged was “backed by local authorities and meted out with the knowledge of the residents of Sikanderpur village authorities.” The Naga Hoho alleged that the “locals befriended them first and carried out their sinister design in their attempt to murder the duo in cold blood.” “The place of occurrence further supports the claim that it was right in the middle of the village and not in a secluded area,” it added.

    It urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to deliver justice to the victims and initiate strict disciplinary actions to the local authorities for “instigating such kind of racist resolution in their vicinities…and the law enforcing agencies of the state for their inactive attitude…”

    It further condemned the recent assault on a student from Manipur in Bangalore. It urged the Government of India to come up with a severe and stringent Act to deal with the perpetrators committing racial discrimination, molestation and rape, assault on NE people uniformly applicable all across India. It then stated that “racist attack and atrocities” against NE people are “leisurely discharged” with minimum support from media house, intellectuals, NGO’s, political parties or reluctant law enforcing agencies. It further stated that these “repeated racist attack makes us ponder whether we are truly accepted as part of India by the Government of India.”

    Source: The Morung Express