Myanmar: SHRF update: Shan villagers suffer forced labour in Salween logging area


    An update by the Shan Human Rights Foundation


    Villagers in Murng Paeng township are being used as forced labour by Burmese government troops giving security to military-linked logging operations above the planned Ta Sang dam on the Salween River. The loggers are clearing out teak forests from the projected flood zone for export to neighbouring countries.

    Four Burmese battalions have been forcing villagers from nine villages in Murng Pu Long tract to work as military porters and guides, and to build and repair army camps and roads. The troops have also extorted food and money from villagers, and commandeered their vehicles. 

    These abuses are causing ongoing displacement into Thailand, where refugees from Shan State continue not to be recognized, and are forced to survive as migrant workers.   

    Please see detailed update in pdf

    Source: SHRF