Myanmar: Human rights abuses by Burma Army during conflict in northern Shan State during September 2013


    Civilian vehicles forced to accompany Burmese military as shields along Muse-Namkham road

    On September 12, 2013, about 60 civilian vehicles were forced to accompany Burmese troops travelling from Muse to Namkham. On that day, at around 7.30 pm, about 6 trucks carrying Burmese troops were driving from Muse to Namkham. When they reached the village of Wan Nawng Kharng, near the Asia World checkpoint, several bombs exploded and there were gun shots.

    The military trucks stopped at Wan Nawng Kharng, and one of their commanding officers then stopped all the vehicles passing along the road, and ordered them to drive in front, between, and behind their trucks as shields from any attacks.  When the drivers refused, the troops then all dismounted from the trucks. The empty trucks drove ahead, while the troops walked behind. However, the vehicles which had been stopped were then forced to drive behind the troops all the way to Wan Kham village. They were not allowed to overtake the troops, or turn on their headlights. Altogether about 10 cars, and 50 motorbikes were forced to follow behind the troops. Many of the drivers and passengers were women.

    Shelling of civilian targets and looting in Mong Yen, Namtu township

    On September 23, 2013, there was heavy fighting between about 200 Burma Army troops from IB 68 (Lashio), LIB 503 and 504 (Hsipaw) and the Shan State Army – North (SSA-N). The fighting took place between the villages of Koong Mong and Mong Yen. The Burmese troops fired shells from Mong Yen at the village of Wan Ai, damaging two houses. After this, Burmese troops went into Wan Ai village, and seized 3 baskets of rice, 16 kilograms of chicken and other valuables belonging to the villagers. They took whatever they want from each house that they entered.

    Extrajudicial killing of farmer in Mong Yen, Namtu township

    On September 24, 2013, at around midday, Burmese troops patrolling around Mong Yen came across two farmers from the village of Wan Ai sitting in their farm hut. One was called Sai Li, and the other was a 50 year-old man called Loong Sai Lek. When the Burmese troops saw them, they fired their guns at them. The two men tried to run away but only Sai Li was able to escape. Loong Sai Lek was arrested by the Burmese troops.  

    Later on the same day, villagers in the nearby village of Wan Hsar Awn saw him tied up, going together with the Burmese troops. However, on the next day, September 25, 2013, villagers found his dead body between the villages of Wan Hsar Long and Wan Ai. He had bullet wounds on his body, and villagers assume that he had been shot by the Burmese troops.