Malaysia: Uggah receives DIG memo on behalf of state govt

    Uggah (fifth left) receiving the DIG memorandum on NCRs from Charlie while other DIG members witness.

    KUCHING: The Dayak Intellectual Group (DIG) thanked Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas for his support and consent to receive its memorandum on behalf of the state government.

    Uggah is also Minister for Modernisation of Agriculture and Rural Economy and Bukit Saban assemblyman.

    While acknowledging that Uggah would head a committee on Pemakai Menoa and Pulau Galau, DIG said it would want its representatives to witness the handover of the memorandum to Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg.

    “Hopefully, he (Abang Johari) is willing to listen and consider our appeal to recognise our Pulau Galau and Pemakai Menoa as parts of NCR land,” DIG said through a press statement made available yesterday.

    According to its spokesman Dr Charlie Dudang, the document is entitled ‘Memorandum on the proposed amendments to the Sarawak Land Code (Chapter 81) to incorporate Pemakai Menua and Pulau Galau in the Sarawak Land Code’.

    Charlie said the immediate amendments sought under the memorandum were:

    Firstly, the definition to the term ‘Native Customary Land’ under Section 2 of the Sarawak Land Code (Cap. 81) 1958 (hereinafter referred to as the Sarawak Land Code) to include Pemakai Menoa, Pulau Galau or any other equivalent native terms and in whatever form they may be.

    Secondly, the current section 5(2)(f) to be maintained and recognised.

    And thirdly to add additional sub-section 5(2)(g) after Section 5(2)(f) which reads as ‘through customs and practices’.

    Besides the above, DIG also proposed amendment to Section 5 of the Sarawak Land Code.

    “This memorandum is timely and augurs well for the government of the day in upholding and protecting the rights and interests of indigenous people of Sarawak within the legal frameworks and ensure a transparent government with good governance structure,” the statement further said.

    The memorandum was prepared by Charlie and his DIG committee and supported by subject matter experts (SMEs).

    The handover of the memorandum was held at Uggah’s office in Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Petra Jaya here on Tuesday.

    Source: BorneoPostOnline