Malaysia: Disciplinary action for Perak cops who stopped Orang Asli from lodging report

    (Police officers in Gerik, who refused to allow Orang Asli villagers to lodged a report, will be investigated after a complaint was filed at the Kuala Lumpur headquarters. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, January 27, 2016.)

    Perak criminal investigation department chief Datuk Goh Kok Liang today said police had no powers to stop members of the public from lodging police reports.

    Police in the state have also opened an investigation into the complaints by Orang Asli villagers who were initially turned away when they attempted to lodge a report.

    Goh said the state contingent would mount disciplinary investigations if any wrongdoing or breach in conduct was found, following a report lodged against Gerik police by Temiar Orang Asli in Kampung Sungai Papan Gerik on Tuesday.

    “Gerik police were notified and opened a report for the case after a report was lodged in Subang Jaya at 11.45pm on Tuesday,” Goh said in a statement today.

    The villagers had lodged a complaint with the disciplinary section of the police at the Bukit Aman headquarters yesterday against the police in Gerik for failing to accept a police report over an alleged shooting incident involving an assemblyman.

    Goh said an investigation into the Orang Asli’s claim on the shooting incident had been started under the Firearms Act 1960, which stated that arms were not to be discharged except at a shooting range.

    At Bukit Aman yesterday, Anjang Aluej, a representative of the Orang Asli villagers, said the assemblyman while on a visit to the village on January 19, fired a pistol without any provocation, causing villagers to be alarmed.

    The assemblyman allegedly became angry when he discovered a new water tank at the village was installed under a project that involved opposition party DAP.