Malaysia: All 47 Temiar detainees released. Pasik Blockade demolished. New arrests made.


    All 47 Temiars have been released from remand without bail being called for. A large group of family members, Orang Asli supporters, and other wellwishers were at the Gua Musang Police Headquarters to wait for their release.blockade-detainees-released-1

    At the same time, a team from the Police, General Operation Forces, Forestry Department and others have already set on the blockade at Pasik and demolished it. This is the last of the 3 main blockades to be taken down.

    A few Temiars have been arrested and are being brought to Gua Musang. However, the magistrate from Kota Bahru, who was sent to Gua Musang to hear the remand cases, has apparently told the Temiars gathered there that the new group of detainees will not be remanded overnight. But only time will tell if this is the case.

    The police, however, have the legal right to detain a person for 24 hours without the need to refer to an officer of the court. But other considerations must be playing on their minds. Including, for example, for the 47 detainees, they needed, by law, to get 47 police officers of the rank of inspector or above, to take the caution statement of the detainees if they intended to charge them in court. They are also saying now that it is a forestry department action, not theirs, so they want no part of it.

    Without doubt, the massive support by the Orang Asli and the public had a role to play in these developments.

    [Photos by Syam Ghaz, Nasir Dollah and others in Gua Musang.]

    blockade-detainees-released-2blockade-detainees-released-3blockade-detainees-released-4blockade-detainees-released-5blockade-detainees-released-6Source: COAC