Justice For Cristina Morales Jose And All Victims Of Extrajudicial Killings And Other Human Rights Violations In The Philippines


    All she wanted was to help her peers and this is what happened to her.

    The Kowloon Union Church joins the many human rights advocates and peace-loving people in the Philippines and around the world in condemning the recent killing of Cristina Morales Jose. Cristina, a leader of the group Barug Katawhan (Visayan dialect for People, Rise up!) and a barangay (village) councilor of Brgy. Binondo, Bangaga in Davao Oriental, Mindanao, was shot dead by a motorcycle-riding assassin on March 4, 2013 in her own village.

    2014-10-15Cristina dedicated her life in the service of the people in her village that was gravely hit by the recent super typhoon Pablo (Bopha is the international name for Pablo). Instead of focusing only on her family, she helped assert the rights and welfare of the people of Brgy. Binondo, whose farms and sources of livelihood have been devastated by the floods. She led the people in her village to ask for government relief which sadly was denied them. She asked for food, shelter and clothes but was answered with heavy militarization of her own village.

    First, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) horded the stacks of rice, that were supposedly distributed to the typhoon-stricken families. Second, the 67th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army (IBPA) was deployed to their village and reportedly intimidated the residents there.

    When they protested the regional office of the DSWD and demanded the relief to be given, they were threatened that they would not be provided any food rations if they joined the barricade/protest action.

    She demanded food for her peers. She demanded their rights to be respected and upheld. They responded with bullets. In the time of great crisis and need, leaders of a nation should reach out first to their much-affected and gravely-dispossessed citizens. In the time of a national tragedy or calamity, they could have immediately offered relief without condition to those in need. Sadly, in the Philippines, this is not the case.

    Cristina now joins the growing list of people who have fallen victim to extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. And we cannot help but ask: how many more until the Philippine government acts to stop these atrocities against the ordinary and innocent Filipinos? How many more Cristinas should fall before President Benigno Aquino III addresses and ends this state of impunity in the country?

    We in the KUC call on the President Aquino to find it in his hearts the will and the strength to give justice to the brutal slaying of Cristina Morales Jose and all the victims of human rights violations.

    The way towards justice and peace is hard, painful and full of challenges but it is never impossible to reach it.

    Justice for Cristina Morales Jose and all victims of extra-judicial killings in the Philippines!

    Stop the human rights violation NOW!

    End the state of impunity in the Philippines NOW!

    Source: Kowloon Union Church
    web source: http://indigenouspeoplesissues.com