IWFNEI appeals for release of innocent hostages


    Dimapur, June 21 (NNN): The Indigenous Women Forum of North East India (IWFNEI) has fervently appealed to the leaders of the Karbi People’s Liberation Tigers (KPLT) to release the remaining seven workers of Longnit Mini Hydro Electric Project, who have been taken hostage for ransom from their place of work, 26 km away from Diphu district Headquarters of Karbi Anglong in Assam, since June 10.

    Two Nagas identified as Kelesel Kikhi and Kroyiho Kikhi of Viswema village under Kohima district, Nagaland, and five others whose identities are not known have been held hostage.

    According to Khesheli Chishi, convenor of the Forum, all of them in all probabilities are mere innocent workers. “While denouncing any acts of violence and violation of human rights of any fellow human beings by both state and non-state actors, IWFNEI particularly raises its serious concern over the fact that, almost every armed groups or forces operating in North East India, whether it is the State Police forces, Indian Military personnel or the various armed Revolutionary groups; all of them has the tendency to target innocent and un-armed civilians to “make their points”. In all these episodes, it is again the women and children, who become the worst sufferers as their husbands, fathers or sons, are taken away, killed or maimed for life,” the northeast women forum has said, adding, “Therefore, whatever your quarrels may be, between the “powers that be”, as your mother, sister or wife, the Indigenous Women Forum of North East India, take this challenging moment to appeal to the conscience of all ranks and files of armed revolutionary groups or state forces, to desist from targeting innocent civilians, who can only be either your friend or your shelter in your unforeseen worst of times”.

    Fervently appealing the kidnappers, the Forum said, “Please release the innocent hostages and negotiate your points of views across the table without victimizing the innocents who are victims to both the contenders in more than one way.”