Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

    • Yes, as effective as strict implementation of NLTP in Nagaland; only in papers

    • Yes in the wrong way. The government is obviously issuing the ILP papers but since there is no clear policy coming from the top ranks of the government, there is confusion at the lower levels of the bureaucracy.

    Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

    • The government is not serious at all in implementing the Inner Line Permit in Nagaland. What angers me is that our Naga politicians and bureaucrats are thinking only about themselves. They think that they are going to be living as kings and queens for the rest of their lives. If they even have any concern for their children they should think more wisely.

    • No there is no serious enforcement of this at any of the check posts, especially if one is travelling by private cars

    • If they are seriously implementing it, I don’t think ‘Survival Nagaland’ will come up. Why was ‘Survival Nagaland’ formed? Because of the sole reason the Nagaland government cannot control the menace causing by the influx of IBI or immigrants.

    • No, the revenue collected is pocket money for administrative people

    • NO the so called State of Nagaland has been a total failure in every sector including the implementation of the I.L.P

    • Absolutely no. If the govt. is implementing than how can we have such a huge number of IBI in Nagaland? We should wake up from our slumber and realise that this IBI are draining our economy and infested our society with all sort of social evils.

    • No, and never should …. we are half handicap right now and if permitted we are going to be full handicap

    • No and I don’t really know the crux of the matter but apparently there must be a BIG loophole in ILP Act.

    • NO. And I wish I could even post a voice clip saying “NO”. Screaming infact

    • Absolutely not. The rampant rise in the population of ibis in our land, especially in Dimapur is a clear witness that the govt of the day has miserably failed to implement the ILP system in our state. And if the state govt do not take concrete steps to rectify all the loopholes ASAP, I am afraid, the future of Nagaland is at stake.

    • No, that’s why we are now faced with the chronic problem of illegal immigrants. Any illegal immigrant can land in Dimapur by train or on foot, settle there or go elsewhere in some other part of the state.

    • This government does not care at all. This chief minister is all out pro-rich people and development only for the elites of Nagaland. His interviews on ILP has clearly revealed his hidden agenda. No wonder he is pushing for oil exploration and special development zone.

    Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

    • They are doing it just for the sake. In fact nothing is serious in Nagaland. Nagaland is on the verge of collapse. Financial crisis

    • Arunachal more strict compared to Nagaland

    • Is there really ILP system in our state?

    • Wrong question. ILP never exist in Nagaland.

    • The essence of ILP lies in the need for protecting the indigeneous tribal way of life from the ‘exploitative civilisations of the plains’. It was a sort of an arrangement constituted by the British Imperial Administration to protect the ‘tribals’. This arrangement shared some similarity with the arrangement instituted in Canada for the Native Americans although with some modification. However as our political and historical landscape evolved with the passage of time, the GoI have turned ILP into an instrument of isolating the Nagas from the world as is evident from the rampant misuse of the Act during the turmoil of 1950’s till the signing of the cease fire. Although my account may seem inaccurate, the argument here is that it has lost its essence. And now with the NSDZ on the pipeline, our way of life, our culture which forms the basis of our self-respect and dignity is at risk.

    Source: The Morung Express