India: Rescued children’s case NPMHR takes pot shots at SW Director


    IMPHAL, Mar 20: Reacting to the statement of the State Social Welfare Director on the rescued children in Rajasthan which appeared in this paper in the March 20 issue, the Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has belittled the Director’s statement as ‘shying away from her responsibilities and obligations towards the State children’ and ‘banking on the Government of Rajasthan as if the Social Welfare Director is working under the Rajasthan Government.’
    While interacting with The Sangai Express, the Social Welfare Department Director had informed that all the rescued children from the State are accommodated at a State run Children home in Rajasthan under the auspices of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Rajasthan and Child Welfare Committee, Jaipur.

    The NPMHR, in a statement issued by its Press Liaison, contended that the statement of the Social Welfare Department Director only exposed the helplessness and unwillingness in securing the children by the Social Welfare Department, Governmentt of Manipur while also expressing serious concern over the alleged Government’s inept and insensitive way of handing the State children who are reportedly undergoing trauma and agonies in Jaipur, Rajasthan. “Manipur State Police department and anti-trafficking squad/committee constituted by top bureaucrats from various departments under the Government of Manipur, who are to be seen as first responders and act as key instruments in combating trafficking in person, remain indifferent and meaningless,” the NPMHR said.
    Given the width and complexity of trafficking people in the State, the NPMHR urged the State Government to have responsible, sensitive and technically trained officials who act timely to save the situation. The Naga Rights body also demanded formulation of effective mechanisms to combat human trafficking as a cohesive movement and continuously evaluate and urge anti-trafficking squad/committee to better serve and protect human trafficking victims.
    Chief Ministerial directive should be enacted to improve coordinated efforts and establish executive oversight and accountability for anti-trafficking squad and for the various Governmental agencies and NGOs working to combat trafficking in person, the NPMHR demanded.