India: Odisha Adivasis protest against recent land survey and land grabbing (prohibition) laws


    23 June 2017

    Around 30,000 Adivasis gathered at Sundergarh district headquarters of Odisha on Friday to protest against the recently enacted Odisha Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Bill, 2015 and Odisha Special Survey and Settlement Act, 2012. They also submitted memorandums under the banner of Adivasi-Mulnivasi Adhikar Suraksha Manch, Sundargarh to the Governor of Odisha and the President of India to abrogate the laws and nullify the actions taken under them, claiming that the laws pose serious threats to the land rights and livelihoods of Adivasis, daily wage earners and landless marginalized farmers. Further, they have claimed that the laws violate the constitutional protections in scheduled areas of Adivasis in the context of continuing violations of their rights by Rourkela Steel Plant and Rourkela Development Authority, among others. They have vowed to continue protests until the laws are repealed.

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    Click here to download full Memorandum [to President] [to Governor].