Consultation on ILP system and Rights of Indigenous people held at Chandel


    Imphal, October 22: A consultation on the issue of Inner Line Permit System and Rights of the Indigenous People was held today at Chandel.

    The program held at Chamdil Khubul village in Chandel District was organized by Chamdil Khubul Social Welfare, Arts and Cultural Association (CKSWACA). Anal Naga Tangpi (ANTA) president Kohring, vice-president PS Jailngam and finance secretary TS Ismail Church leaders along with various village chiefs and civil society leaders of the district attended the consultation.

    United NGO Mission, Manipur`™s president U Nobokishore and human rights activist Jiten Yumnam participated in the discussion and expressed serious concern over the uncontrolled influx of non-locals in the state of Manipur including Chandel district.

    Nabokishore expressed his apprehension that the indigenous population in the State could be reduced to a minority in their own land some day. He also expressed deep concern over the aggression shown by the government in taking up developmental projects in cooperation with multinational companies.

    Following the employment of a large number of labours by the construction agencies couple with massive plans for further construction of infrastructure projects, the participants revealed their fear that the influx of non-locals in large numbers could destroy the economic, cultural and social system of the indigenous people.

    Jiten Yumnam said a huge immigration leading to socio-cultural, political and economic assimilation with the indigenous people living in the territory of Manipur is a clear violation of the guidelines of International Covenant on Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous People.

    The participants in the consultation therefore unanimously expressed the need for a regulation to control the influx of non-locals into the territory of indigenous people by respecting their rights as outlined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People, 2007.

    Source: Kangla Online