Cilvil and Political Rights

Simunjan fire: Mujah and six others freed

SIMUNJAN: Prominent native rights activist Nicholas Mujah, four longhouse chiefs and two others were released this morning from the Simunjan police station, a day earlier than expected under the remand order. read more link
Video shows Papuans being tortured
Tom Allard in Jakarta worked closely with SMH to break this story – it was released early after Papuan people released the footage on YouTube.  As predicted, YouTube had removed this footage completely due to the depiction of actual sexual torture by Indonesian security forces. is displaying the full unedited footage in the public interest. read more link
Enforce Disappearance of Anthony Shing
Anthony  Shing,  known  among  his  people  as  Ningkhan  Shimray,  is  the  Head  of  Foreign  Affairs  of  the National  Socialist  Council  of  Nagaland  (NSCN‐IM). NSCN‐IM  has  been  holding  peace  talks  with  the Government of India since 1997. Anthony Shing went missing on 27 September, 2010. read more link

8 Jumma villagers injured by attack of Bengali settlers
Today’s morning (on 24 January 2010) Jumma people have allegedly been attacked by Bengali settlers in Baghaichari sadar and Baghaihat. At least 8 persons in two places have been injured in this communal attack. read more link
Rights activists condemn attack on Sanjeeb Drong
Rights activists and politicians on Sunday strongly condemned the attack on Sanjeeb Drong, general secretary of the Bangladesh Indigenous People’s Forum, saying that the government seems to be playing no role at all in protecting the members of the ethnic minorities. read more link