Call for Expressions of Interest: CONSULTANCY: Management and institutional development


Interested candidates are requested to send an Expression of Interest to Mr. Shree Kumar Maharjan at and Ms. Robie Halip at, no later than April 25, 2014.

The Expression of Interest should include:

  • CV
  • Daily fee in USD
  • Availability in the months of June/July 2014
  • Brief technical proposal, indicating main methodological considerations/proposals to make the process constructive and participatory
  • Three references, which the AIPP Secretariat may contact

For addition information, contact Mr. Shree Kumar Maharjan at or Ms. Robie Halip at


Consultancy for Strengthening the Management System, Functioning and Procedures of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)


The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) is a regional organization founded in 1988 by indigenous peoples’ movements. AIPP is committed to the cause of promoting and defending indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights and articulating issues of relevance to indigenous peoples. At present, AIPP has 47 members from 14 countries in Asia. The governance structure of AIPP counts with the General Assembly (GA) as the highest decision-making body that meets every four years, and the Executive Council as the interim decision-making body in-between the General Assembly.

AIPP is a rapidly growing network organization, which has experienced a considerable expansion in terms of members, financial resources, staff, program areas, donors and partners over the last years. Currently, AIPP operates in 5 program areas (human rights, environment, indigenous women, research and communication, regional capacity-building), in 10 countries in Asia. Moreover, it is involved in policy dialogue and advocacy related to indigenous peoples’ rights at global, regional and national scales.

The Secretariat is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a total of 19 full time staff. It is headed by the Secretary General (SG), who is elected by the GA. It further counts with a Deputy Secretary General (DSG), an Executive Secretary (ES), 5 programme coordinators, a finance and an administrative team as well as 7 project coordinators and support staff. The Administrative Management Team (AMT) of the Secretariat, comprising the SG, DSG, ES as well as three staff representatives, became fully operational in 2013 to assist in overseeing the day to day functioning of the Secretariat.

In order to better cope with an increasing work load, strengthen program implementation and best serve its members and partners, the AIPP Secretariat is in the process of reviewing its management structures, staff functions and related policies and guidelines. At a staff seminar in March 2014, it was decided to engage a consultant to assist the Secretariat in this process of constructive change.

In this context, the AIPP Secretariat is looking for an experienced management consultant who can contribute to this process.


Contribute to the participatory process within the AIPP secretariat, in order to:

  1. Review the current secretariat management structure and functions, including ToR of individual staff; identify issues, bottlenecks, key steps and concrete recommendations, in relation to organizational and management structures as well as individual staff functions, for the effective management, smooth functioning and effective team work of the secretariat.
  1. Review the skills mapping previously conducted within the Secretariat, enhance the skills mapping template and conduct further mapping of skills and identification of staff development needs with individual staff of the Secretariat
  2. Review selected policies and guidelines, including the performance evaluation template, and provide recommendations to clarify, simplify, streamline and enhance policies, guidelines and templates as necessary.


    1. Recommendations for appropriate Secretariat management structures and procedures, including individual staff functions, in order to strengthen management, teamwork and the smooth operation and functioning of the secretariat.
    2. Mapping of main staff capacities, limitations, gaps and challenges as well as recommendations for staff development.
    3. Concrete recommendations for revised policies and guidelines.
    4. A step-by step process action plan for the implementation of recommendations, indicating timelines and responsibilities.  


The consultant will work in close collaboration with the AIPP Secretariat, in particular the SG, the DSG, the ES and the AMT, in order to come up with feasible, practical and, to the extent possible, agreed recommendations. In general, the consultant should apply participatory and appreciative methodologies and approaches to ensure that the process is inclusive and contributes to strengthening the Secretariat.

The detailed methodology will be elaborated by the consultant, but should as a minimum include the following elements:

  • Desk review of selected documents, policies and guidelines (see indicative list below)
  • Elaboration of detailed methodology/work plan, presented to the AMT for approval
  • Meetings/sessions with the Secretariat to collectively analyze gaps, challenges and recommendations
  • Interviews and meetings with individual staff members and teams
  • Individual interviews with the Secretariat for further mapping of skills and identification of staff development needs at the individual and group level
  • Presentation of tentative recommendations and process action plan to the AMT and Secretariat, to ensure relevance, feasibility and acceptance.

Tentativework plan/Schedule

The work should be undertaken before 9 June 2014. The total number of workdays should not exceed 20. Within this framework, the consultant should elaborate a detailed work plan, in consultation with the AMT to ensure its practicality as related to the overall AIPP work plan, taking into account key secretariat activities and travel schedules. 


Interested candidates are requested to present a financial proposal for their daily fee.

Forty percent of the fee will be paid upon signing the contract of agreement between the consultant and AIPP. The remaining sixty percent shall be fully paid upon presentation of the final recommendations and process action plan and submission of a report on the findings from the tasks enumerated and recommendations to further strengthen the management and work of the Secretariat. Any extension of days of work shall not entail additional payment from AIPP.

AIPP shall provide for a return ticket/airfare and related expenses of the consultant to visit AIPP Office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Likewise, accommodation and per diem shall be provided by AIPP to the consultant during his/her stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The amount of USD 50.00/day shall be provided to cover food and incidental expenses while accommodation cost shall be paid directly by AIPP. Work related local travel shall be provided by AIPP.


The ideal candidate has solid experience in management, institutional analysis and development as well as strengthening of civil society organizations and peoples movements. Understanding of and experience with indigenous peoples’ organizations, particularly in Asia, will be an advantage.

Documented experience with process facilitation, appreciative inquiry techniques and participatory methods is required.


  • Impact Evaluation Report of AIPP 2005-2012
  • Report of the Management Consultant engaged by AIPP in 2013
  • Administration Guideline
  • Finance Guideline
  • Working Guidelines of the AIPP Secretariat
  • TOR of the Administrative Management Team
  • TOR for the Deputy Secretary General/Program Coordinators
  • TOR for the Executive Secretary
  • TORs of program coordinators and staff and the admin and finance staff
  • 2013 skills mapping results of the Secretariat
  • Staff Performance Evaluation Form
  • Salary Scale Guideline
  • 2012 AIPP evaluation
  • Notes from 2014 staff seminar
  • Others