[Press Release] India: “Breach of Constitution and War of Attrition with Tribal”


    Press Release
    “Breach of Constitution and War of Attrition with Tribal”
    Tribal Coordination Front (TCF), India
    आदिवासी समन्वय मंच, भारत

    12 Sep 2016
    Press Club of India, New Delhi

    Tribal Coordination Front (TFC), India called a press conference in association with Delhi Solidarity Group (DSG) on the eve of 10th Anniversary of UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Mr. Amar Singh Chaudhari from Gujrat, George Tirkey from Odisha, Gajanan Brahmane from Madhya Pradesh, Ms. Sadhna Meena from Rajasthan, Mr. Kaluram Dhodhade from Maharashtra , Ms. Tarika Lakra from Chhatishgarh and Niel Tirkey from Jharkhand addressed media.

    Mr. George Tirkey, MLA from Odisha declared positioning of Scheduled Tribes (ST)in the foundation of Indian democracy. He stated that ST trusted on the agreement enforced in the form of law during British period. This trust and belief continued with larger hope and to protect and preserve their interest in Indian democracy constitutional provisions were made. Fifth Schedule, Sixth Schedule, PESA Act, FRA, LARR, Prevention of Atrocities (SC/ST) Act, Reservation Policy, Budget Provisions and many other provisions were made. All these beautiful provisions became redundant and followings are the evidences:

    1. Danu Majhi was denied hearse and he had to carry dead body of his wife on his solders for about 1o Kilometers.
    2. In Kandhamal massacre and fratricide was result of perpetration of theocratic conflicts
    3. Perpetrating fake political solution in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and other Tribal States has resulted in loss life of millions of ST – some killed and some migrated due to several reasons perpetrated on them – Police firing, fake charges, massacre, gang rape, humiliation, abhorrence are few examples.
    4. In Jammu Kashmir constitutional provisions like Article 370 and Acts like AFSPA (in North East) are hindrance to the Tribal.
    5. Budget allocated under “Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)” is largely utilized for the benefit of other than the ST. Not only the ST but Comptroller and Auditor General of India has also observed it.
    6. Illegal acquisition of tribal land and forest resources to benefit Indian and Foreign companies like POSCO, Vedanta, Larsen Toubro, TATA, Adani, etc.
    7. Overall cost of living is made non bearable to ST population
    8. Laws are made to contradict each other in order to make then null and void. State and Union of India exercise their constitutional power to make these laws. This state of affairs results in non-implementation of PESA Act, FRA, LARR, PoA Act, etc.

    He further stated that ST population has to take afresh position to protect and preserve their interest in the Indian Democracy. It is well known fact that tribal way of living is of highest integrity in the preservation of ecology and nature.

    Mr. Niel Tirkey  Ex Minister, Jharkhand Said that all most all political parties have just coined different words to create new hopes one after another. Tribes Advisory Council (TAC), Scheduled Area (SA), Tribal Village, etc. with notions carrying “backwardness” of ST as a whole. Consequently, all dignitaries in these statute are identified, nominated, authorized and certified by the one who is non-Tribal. Everything is done to recognize the man/women of valid integrity, understanding, efficiency and merit so that he can work for the wellbeing of ST. However, the results are dissatisfactory. Therefore there is need to relook the mechanism designed for the wellbeing of ST.

    Mr. Gajanan Brahmane said that Census Report of 2011 recognize ST population 8.6%. This calculation does not recognize the migrated population living in Delhi and other States. It may be noted that majority of the ST have migrated to urban area due to atrocities, industrial projects, mining projects and loss of livelihoods. They have excluded from ST purposefully by the enumerators of government headed by different political parties. The census is tainted and manipulated further. The National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes calculated gave statistics of Tribal placed in different groups – De-notified Tribes (DNT) covered under SC/ST is 1.36 Cr, Nomadic Tribes Covered under SC/ST is 4.50 Cr and Nomadic Tribes covered under OBC is 4.89 Cr according to census 2001.

    He further said that tainting census is done willfully. This attempt reduces the claim in Union / State Budget, Representation in public services, representation in legislature, and numerous other programs related to them.

    Ms. Tarika Lakra from Chhattisgarh said about ST women status in the eyes of outside world. Emerging and up righting ST women are quite often trapped into hands of the law keeper and so called civilized people in the name of marriage, domestic worker, women trafficking, etc. In the name of marriage the basic objective of the perpetrators are to grab land and isolate the intelligent ladies of the community. Tribal culture is known for equality between men and women. But outside world treat them as backward and in the name civilization they are trapped and destroyed – this is the loss of human capital in tribal community.

    Mr. Kaluram Dhodhade said that ST population has observed that  in the last 69 years of the independent of the country, the States have grossly violated the “Fifth Schedule” of the constitution. The States enact arbitrary laws and legislations to suppress the good laws meant for SAs and STs. The States are insensitive and apathy to SCs and STs. As a result ST of the Fifth Schedule States are denied of constitutional rights and despised of all essential goods and services required for survivals. They are displaced and dispossessed from their ancestral land and territories. Their properties are robbed and often innocents are killed in fake encounters. Often we are termed as criminals, anti-socials, anti-nationals, accused falsely and put in the jails. They are harassed, extorted and treated inhuman way often by the people paid by government and perpetrators.

    Ms. Amar Singh Chaudhary, Ex MP from Gujrat. Out of his observation and experience he summarized that the present system of governance in the scheduled area, tribal area and scheduled tribes have not solved the problems of ST they face since colonial time instead their problem have become more serious and non-bearable. Reciprocity laws are breached and ST are treaded worse than the colonial government. Therefore, government should award “Self Determination” so that ST are enable to represent their interest as per their choice. In Indian context “Self Determination” is to be regarded as “Separate Electorate” as it is in with indigenous people in many countries (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-21/bellear-indigenous-sovereignty/5032294)adivasipress1

    adivasipress3For further details please contact:

    Shri George Tirkey – MLA, Mob: 9777941907;
    Amar Singh Chaudhary – Ex MP, Mob: 9825151020
    Ashok Chaudhari (AEP) Mob: 9437585987
    Umesh Babu (DSG), Mob: 9990683769

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