Body of orang asli child identified, another found at riverbank


    Mazlan was quoted as saying by Bernama that the location where the bodies and survivors were found was still within the search area and the children were probably afraid and hid themselves from the rescue team.

    The parents of a missing SK Tohoi pupil have recognised a beaded necklace and rubber bracelet found on the remains of a child recoved on Saturday but could not make positive identification.

    Two orang asli children missing in the jungles of the Malaysian state of Kelantan since August were found alive on Friday (Oct 9), in a miraculous twist.

    A reporter with The Star who was present at the rescue said one the two girls told her that she wants to eat chicken, fried rice and orange. They were found on Friday emaciated and malnourished.

    On Wednesday, the SAR team had also found a decomposed body of a girl in the river, who was later identified as eight-year-old Sasa Sobrie.

    “It has been a puzzle to many of us”, he said, adding that everyone had to be patient and wait for the forensic and DNA reports to confirm details such as the time of death. “I’d recognise those earrings anywhere”.

    The skeletal remains of a child, which included a human skull and torso, were recovered by Senoi Praaq General Operation Force members at the riverbank at about 4pm yesterday.

    He said that when the families arrived from Kampung Simpul, Kampung Gawen and Kampung Penad – 50km and four hours away from Pos Tohoi – after receiving news of the children, they were not even provided with a place to stay.

    “Those responsible for causing the case of the missing seven Orang Asli children, with five dead, in Gua Musang should be suspended or even charged for the crime of negligence”, he said in a statement today.

    An Orang Asli community leader last week said that unlike earlier generations of the indigenous people of Malaysia who made a living foraging the forests, these children do not have any skills to survive in the jungles.

    Kelantan Orang Asli Youth Network chairman Dendi Johari with a copy of the letter sent to parents of the missing children, warning about their absenteeism. They later returned to the school.