Bangladesh: Bengali settlers set fire on Jumma houses in Matiranga of Khagrachari district


    On 3 August 2013 around 3:00 pm, Bengali settlers set fire on Jumma houses at Bandarshing Para, Baga Para, Monudas Para and Sorbeswar Para under Taindong union of Matiranga upazila in Khagrachari district. Local sources said that around 50 houses were burnt to ashes. Around 2,000 Jumma villagers fled into the Indian border. Bengali settlers looted and ransacked valuables of around 400 houses of Jumma villagers. Besides, 12 Jumma villagers were beaten and wounded in this attack.

    Sources reported that the Bengali settlers made this attack alleging that a motor bike driver named Md. Kamal (30) was kidnapped by tribal miscreants from Bandarshing Para of Taindong union on that day around 9:00 am.
    Communal tension and fears have been persisting at Taindong area under Matiranga upazila for long time. Alleging extortion and kidnapping by tribal miscreants, Bengali settlers have been trying to attack on Jumma villages.
    Very recently on 31 July 2013 at mid-night, Bengali settlers of Taindong area spread communal tension and shouted provocative slogans against Jumma people through mike from mosque that tribal terrorists had came to attack and asked Bengali settlers to wake up to prevent the terrorists. At that time, hundreds of Bengali settlers gathered at different places including Taindong bazaar under Taindong union and held marches shouting communal slogans.
    This caused tremendous fears among Jumma villagers of six villages namely Baga Para, Headman Para, Tonga Mahajan Para, Sorbeswar Para, Rambabudeva and Pura Bari and around 250 families of these villages fled their respective villages. Some of the Jumma villagers crossed the Bangladesh-India Border and some took shelter at the jungle of remote areas of Taindong union. However, they returned to their village following a security guarantee by the BGB.
    Update on communal attack on Jumma villagers at Tainding in Matiranga
    On 4 August 2013 State Minister for CHT Affairs Ministry Mr. Dipankar Talukdar, chairman of the Khagrachari Hill District Council Mr. Kujendra Lal Tripura, Commanding Officer (CO) of Taindong BGB zome and Deputy Commissioner of Khagrachari district visited the Taindong area of Matiranga upazila. They went to the border side and requested Jumma villagers to return home. Around 2,000 Jumma villagers, who crossed border for security reason, agreed to return to their villages following a security guarantee by Dipankar Talukdar and Kujendra Lal Tripura. State Minister also promised them to provide adequate compensation for damages.
    The total damages of the incident are yet to be confirmed. However, the sources said that around 50 houses of Jumma villagers including 18 houses at Sorbeswar Para, 11 at Baga Para, 3 at Talukdar Para and 3 houses at Bandarshing Para (Bhagaban Tila) under Taindong union were burnt to ashes and around 400 houses were looted and ransacked by the Bengali settlers. At least 12 people of Baga Para and Sorbeswar Para were brutally beaten by the Bengali settlers. Among them, Amrita Chakma s/o Mahendra Lal Chakma from Bandarshing Para, Shukkamoni Chakma s/o Purnabahu Chakma from Bandarshing Para and Kala Kazi Chakma s/o late Joliya Chakma from Baga Para were chopped. Some were beaten snatching them from BGB by Bengali settlers.
    On the other, Md. Kamal who was propagated to have been kidnapped by tribal miscreants was traced out in the evening on 3 August 2013. He claimed that he was kidnapped at 9:00 am on 3 August 2013, but the kidnappers released him in the evening.
    The houses of Jumma villages burnt to ashes: Total- 35
    (1) Sorbewar Para- 18 houses
    (2) Bandarshing Para (Bhagaban Tila)- 3 houses
    (3) Baga Para- 11 houses
    (4) Talukdar Para- 3 houses
    The houses of Jumma villages looted and ransacked: Total- 380 houses
    (1) Sorbewar Para- 65 houses
    (2) Baga Para- 130 houses
    (3) Bandarshing Para (Bhagaban Tila)- 120 houses
    (4) Monudas Para- 65 houses
    Jumma villagers beaten and wounded: Total- 12
    1. Amrita Chakma (29) s/o Mahendra Lal Chakma of Bandarshong Para
    2. Kala Kazi Chakma (36) s/o Jaliya Mohan Chakma of Baga Para
    3. Bakul Kanti Chakma (44) s/o Brajendra Lal Chakma of Baga Para
    4. Bishwaketu Chakma (45) s/o Banshi Mohan Chakma of Baga Para
    5. Sachilmoy Chakma (30) s/o Ratnakar Chakma of Baga Para
    6. Jiban Bikash Chakma (25) s/o Madan Mohan Chakma of Baga Para
    7. Meriya Chakma (50) s/o Swara Mohan Chakma of Baga Para
    8. Fani Bhushan Chakma (44) s/o Surendra Lal Chakma of Baga Para
    9. Shukka Moni Chakma (Shukra) (30) s/o late Purna Bahu Chakma of Bandarshing Para
    10. Chameya Chakma (30) s/o Rong Moni Chakma of Baga Para
    11. Binoy Chakma (52) s/o late Birendra Lal Chakma of Baga Para
    12. Anil Kanti Chakma (25) s/o late Mandri Mohan Chakma of Baga Para.
    N.B. A mobile phone and taka 7,220 from Amrita Chakma and a mobile phone from Bakul Kanti Chakma, project chairman of India-returnee refugee have been seized.
    Bengali settlers who led the communal attack:
    1. Md. Shafique Mian (35) s/o Suraj Mian of Battali Tanakka Para
    2. Md. Khokan Mian (30) s/o unknown of Baga Para
    3. Amir Hossain (tailor) (50) s/o Farid Uddin of Baga Para
    4. Md. Emran (25) s/o unknwon of Baga Para
    5. Md. Nayeb Ali (35) s/o Khalem Ali of Sinduk Devi, Tanakka Para
    6. Md. Kamal (36) s/o Ashraf of Baga Para
    7. Iqbal Hossain (20) s/o Kamal Uddin of Baga Para
    8. Nurul Islam (30) s/o Ana Mian of Baga Para.

    Source: Kapaeeng Foundation