AIPP Annual Report 2008

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This report provides the description of activities implemented for the whole year of 2008. The presentation is by programme activities, including networking activities conducted by each of the programmes. These programmes are: 1) Human Rights Campaigns, and Policy Advocacy (HRCPA); 2) Regional Capacity Building (RCB); 3) Research and Communications Development; 4) Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity; 5) Women Empowerment; 6) Indigenous Youth and Development; and 7) Organizational Strengthening and Networking.

This report also reflects the transition period within AIPP under the section of organizational strengthening. However, programme implementation remains as planned within the strategic programme for 2006-2008.

After the successful holding of the 5th General Assembly in July 2008, a transition phase was defined from August to October, particularly on the work of the Secretary General. The newly- elected Secretary General, Ms Joan Carling from the Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance (CPA), moved to Chiang Mai and joined the Regional Secretariat in September 2008.

The outgoing Secretary General, Ms Jannie Lasimbang, left the office in November 2008 and went back to Sabah, Malaysia after eight years of hard work and dedication to AIPP. Ms Jannie Lasimbang was appointed as a member of the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP) for a term of three years, starting 2008. The newly appointed Assistant to the Secretary General also started his work with the Regional Secretariat in October 2008.

This report is a collaborative work of the outgoing and the newly elected Secretary General, as well as the Assistant to the Secretary General, with contributions from the programme coordinators and administrative staff members of AIPP.