AIPP Annual Report 2006

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This report covers the period from 1st January – 31st December 2006. The Core Funding project provides support for the smooth functioning of the AIPP Secretariat in its effort to strengthen networking among indigenous peoples in Asia and elsewhere, as well as the implementation of projects based on the Programmes set out by the AIPP General Assembly and the AIPP Executive Council. This report therefore provides a brief description of the work of the Secretariat staff, the AIPP Secretary General, Committees and the Executive Council. More detailed description of activities is available from the Secretariat upon request.

AIPP has been implementing activities based on the interest and welfare of indigenous peoples in its seven programmes, namely Advocacy and Networking, Education and Organisation, Research and Information Dissemination, Regional Capacity Building, Campaign and Policy Advocacy, Youth, Strengthening of AIPP. The AIPP Secretariat has been particularly successful in building greater collective leadership within AIPP through the Executive Council and the different Committees.